Kyla Brox Band

Kyla Brox

Blues and soul become inextricably entwined in award-winning singer-songwriter, Kyla Brox, whose raw talent has seen her described as “the finest female blues singer of her generation”. Winner of the 2018 UK Blues Challenge, Kyla has the honour of representing the UK in Memphis at the 2019 International Blues Challenge, as well as the European event in the Azores. In a huge nod to her ongoing stature in British Blues, the UK Blues Federation made Kyla an official Ambassador of UK Blues in 2016 and she is one of only three British singers privileged to be included in the 50 Women of the Blues Spotify playlist.

Daughter of cult blues figure, Victor Brox, the Mancunian vocalist began her career as a teenager in her father’s band and has now honed her own sophisticated sound, as heard on her critically acclaimed 2016 album, Throw Away Your Blues and the scintillating, multi-faceted new 2019 album, Pain & Glory. Her voice; tender, urgent, gritty, blurring the distinction between pleasure and pain, mixed with the enchantingly fluent guitar work of Paul Farr, inspired bass playing of Danny Blomeley and in-the-pocket drumming of Mark Warburton, combine to make a unique and powerful, often joyous, always emotional experience.

Kyla also plays in duo form with her husband, virtuoso acoustic guitarist, Danny Blomeley, whose playing, by turns delicate and unrestrained, has earned him a following in his own right.

With many albums under her belt and many miles covered on the road, touring all over the world, Kyla Brox is widely regarded as one of the very best soul-blues singers the British Isles has ever produced.

Danny Blomeley

When Danny Blomeley was very young he heard BB King on cassette and straight away he fell in love with the Blues. Shortly afterwards at the age of 12, Danny found himself on stage with legendary Bluesman Victor Brox and wielding a bass guitar the first few frets of which he couldn’t reach. Victor immediately offered him the hand of his last-born (who at the time was Victor’s daughter Kyla) if he would play in the band until he came of age at 21. Little did the fresh-faced Danny know what he would be in for. The deal was sealed when Victor, donning his Mojo hat, hollered ‘Voodoo’ later in the show.

Danny spent the next 8 years in Victor’s band feeling quite pleased with the prospect of marrying Kyla and also hoping that Victor didn’t have any last-minute sons. Meanwhile Kyla, oblivious to the voodoo spell cast by Victor, carried on singing without even noticing the baby bass player in the band.

Later, when Danny was 18 he went off to search the world for new Blues opportunities. After years of toiling through Asia and Australia with no luck, he called Kyla and invited her and the band over, eager that the magic might start to take hold. At this time it was fated not to be.

When he was 21 Danny returned home, and lo and behold, Kyla was, for some reason, unable to resist his charms and they fell in love.  Little did they know the devious Victor had worked more into the spell than the young couple realised. Whenever Danny, now a nimble and imaginative bassist, tried to play with any other band his fingers turned to jelly and no reasonable sound could be produced, no matter how hard he tried. Poor Kyla, blessed with a voice from the gods and set for a sky-high career in the music scene, found every time she tried to sing without the cursed Danny, only wan warbling emanated from her golden vocal chords.

Thus, it was done. The Kyla Brox Band was formed. 25 years after the spell was cast Dan is still happily making magical music with Kyla.

Mark Warburton

Mark has played drums for most of his life and for the last 18 years has worked extensively as a professional musician. He has toured all over the world as a session drummer performing throughout Europe.

His professional achievements to date include performing and recording with the likes of Gloria Gaynor, Curtis Harding, Glen Nicholls, The Osmonds, the Swing Commanders, The Jive Aces, Lucien Barbarin, Susan Boyle and the Future Funk Squad. Experienced in TV work, He has performed on the BBC, ITV and TV in America and Europe.

When not on the road, Mark records drums at his private studio in Lancashire, performing on records signed to major Nashville publishers, recording drum sample packs and playing on film soundtracks.

Marks first gig with the band was a last minute gig at Matt ‘n’ Phred’s jazz club in Manchester. He met Kyla, shook her hand and said hello, then it was time to get on stage! Having survived the baptism of fire, he is now Kyla’s go to drummer.

Paul Farr

Based in Manchester, Paul Farr has worked as a professional guitarist for over twenty years playing with artists such as Tom Jones, Errol Brown, Lily Allen, Corinne Bailey and Jose Stone amongst others.

He writes and  performs his own music with ‘The Paul Farr Band’ and is proud to have been Kyla Brox’s guitarist for the last ten years, fulfilling his life long love of the blues.