Bison Hip

Bison Hip were formed by long – time friends during a lockdown Zoom call in 2020. “I don’t know who suggested it first” explains vocalist Paul, “but right away it seemed like a great idea. Maybe it was the mid-life crisis at play!” The band are all over 50, with the exception of keyboard player and spring chicken, Stephen, clocking in at a youthful 41. By the time they finally got together in early 2021, the blueprint was clear. “We wanted to take our love of blues and rock, then mix it up with our experiences in life” adds Paul. “Between us, we’ve been through so many things in life, big ups and huge downs, some successes and a whole load of failures, we wanted all of that in the music. Lastly, we needed to wrap it all up in the DNA of our hometown, Glasgow, and hopefully that’s what we’ve achieved”. With 2 EP’s already released, the ethos is clear: real musicians, real instruments, no click tracks, culminating in a unique blues rock sound that tells real life stories. With a debut album on the way in April 2023, Bison Hip have hit the ground running. “We’ve arrived at the party fashionably late, so we’re making up for it now!”